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Structure elucidation of phenolic acids, flavonoids and hypocholesterolemic activity of Nepeta septemcrenata and Otostegia fruticosa

Author(s): Khaled A. Abdelshafeek, Husseny A. Elgendy, Moustafa M. El Missiry and Medhat M. Seif El Nasr

The flavonoids of both Nepeta septemcrenata and Otostegia fruticosa ( Lamiaceae family) were isolated from the chloroform and ethyl acetate fractions of the aqueous methanolic extract . The flavonoids of N.septemcrenata were identified as: genkwanin, thymusinin addition to caffeic acid and ferulic acid, (from chloroform fraction), vecinin-2 and thymusin-6-O-glucoside(from ethyl acetate fraction). O.fruticosaaffordedferulic acid, Pectolinarigenin, 6,5'dihydroxy diosmetin(from chloroform fraction) and chrysoeriol-7-O-glucoside(from ethyl acetate fraction). Identification of the isolated compounds was carried out using different chromatographic techniques and spectroscopic measurements(UV, MS,1H-nmr). The acute toxicity study of N.septemcrenata alc. extract proved that, it has a wide margin of safety(LD50= 421.8 mg/kg b. wt.) and the i.p. injection 1/5LD50(84.5 mg/kg b. wt.) of the extract to rats produces a reduction in the cholesterol and triglycerides levels

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