Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Studies on inclusion complexes of 2-[4-(5’-benzylid ene-4’-oxo-3’- phenyl thiazolidinyl-2’-imino)benzoyl]aminoimino-5-benzyli dene-3-phenyl-4- thiazolidinone with β -cyclodextrin

Author(s): Bamakanta Garnaik* 1 and Simanchal Dash 2

Thiazolidinones and its derivatives are good pharam acores and showing wide spectrum of fungicidal, ant ibacterial and tubercolostic activities. A series of 2-[4- (5’-benzylidene-4’-oxo-3’-phenylthiazolidinyl-2’-im ino) benzoyl] aminoimino-5-benzylidene-3-phenyl - 4-thiazolidinone have been synthesized starting fro m p-Aminobenzoic acid .To enhance the solubility of these synthesized compoun ds, the inclusion complexes were prepared with β -cyclodextrin. The synthesis of compounds and their inclusion comp lexes have been ascertained from the changes in spe ctral characteristics and their analytical data.

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