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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Study of Binary Systems: Structural Relation with Mesophase and Determination of Latent Transition Temperature [L.T.T] of Nonliquid Crystal Schiff’s Bases by Extrapolation Method

Author(s): Doshi A. V., Vyas N. N, Chauhan M. L.

Eight binary systems consisted of a common smectogenic component (A) p-butyloxy benzal –pchloro aniline [85°C - 91°C] mixed with mesomorphic Schiff’s bases B1, B2, B3,……B8. A curve of a phase diagrams drawn from the transition temperatures, determined by the hot stage polarizing microscope versus mole % of component A is extrapolated to zero or 100 mole % of B to determine LTT of either of the component of a binary system. Encouraging results are obtained. Present work was planned to determine LTT of uncommon components B1 to B8 and to understand and establish the effect of terminal end groups on liquid crystal behaviour of Schiff’s bases (B). Binary system A + B8 does not show any sort of liquid crystal behaviour, Transition temperatures and LTT of pure components very well matches with the values reported earlier.

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