Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Study of intermolecular interaction in binary mixtures of paraanisaldehyde with bromobenzene, ethylbenzene and nitrobenzene at 308.15K

Author(s): Golamari Siva Reddy 1 , Ronda Srinivasa Reddy 2* , Mallu Maheswara Reddy 2 and T. R. Kubendran 3

The ultrasonic velocity, density and viscosity at 3 08.15K have been measured in the double frameworks of Paraanisaldehyde with Bromobenzene, Ethyl benzene a nd Nitrobenzene. From the test information differen t acoustical parameters, for example, as adiabatic co mpressibility ( β ), free volume (V f ), Shear relaxation time ( τ ), free length (L f ) and acoustical impedance (Z) ere ascertain. The r esults are deciphered regarding sub-atomic associat ion between the segments of the mixture

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