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Study of Adathoda vasica as corrosion inhibitor on mild steel

Author(s): B Muralidhar Rao*, Gopal M. Gokhale, Ishwar Bhat a nd S. Rashmi

The present study is attempted to investigate the i nhibition of corrosion in mild steel in acid medium by using Adathodavasica plant extract. The weight of the mil d steel specimen at different time intervals was me asured at different concentration levels of the adathodavasic a in 1N HCl. A quadratic equation was fitted to the corrosion phenomena by least squares method using SPSS statis tical package. It is found that adathodavasica at 1 00 ppm was an efficient inhibitor to an extent of 96.3%. It wa s also found that corrosion was slowed down to the extent of 78.2%.

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