Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Synthesis and antibacterial activity of substituted 2-phenyl-4-chromones

Author(s): Noor Fathima Anjum, Abdul Aleem, Naira Nayeem, Asdaq SM

One of the important classes of flavones is 2-phenyl-4-chromones widely distributed in the plant kingdom. Generally flavonoids are biological pigments have important roles in the growth and development of plants, protection against UV-β radiation forming antifungal barriers, antibacterial activities. The present work deals with the synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of substituted 3-hydroxy-2-phenyl-4-chromones. The synthesized compounds were characterized by the IR, 1H-NMR & Mass spectral studies. Out of 10 test compounds evaluated for their antibacterial activities, the test compounds NF-3 & NF-5 showed antibacterial activity against both gram positive & gram negative organisms similar to that of the standard antibiotics used.

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