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Synthesis and Characterization of Ruthenium (III) Complexes with N-substituted Salicylideneimine

Author(s): Shefket Dehari1,*, Selim Jusufi2, Ismet Hashani2, Dije Dehari1

The reaction of Ru (III) chloride with bidentate Schiff bases (HSB) gave anionic complexes of types K[Ru(SB)2Cl2]. The ruthenium(III) complexes have been prepared in the reaction mixture of ruthenium (III) chloride, ethanolamine and 5-X-salicylaldehyde (X= Br or Cl). Potassium dichloro-bis[4-bromo-2-((2-hydroxy ethylimino) methyl) phenolato] ruthenat(III) and Potassium dichloro-bis[4-chloro-2-((2-hydroxy ethylimino) methyl) phenolato] ruthenat(III) were characterized by elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy and ESI mass spectrometry. Elemental analysis and mass spectrometry data of the complexes suggests the stoichiometry is 1:2 (metalligand). The results are in accordance with an octahedral environment around the Ru (III) ion.

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