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Synthesis and study of a new mesomorphic series: p-(p’-n-Alkoxy cinnamoyloxy) β-benzoyl styrene

Author(s): Patel RB and Doshi AV

Homologous series p-(p/-n-alkoxy Cinnamoyloxy) β-benzoyl Styrene is synthesized and studied with a view to understand and to established the relation between molecular structure and liquid crystal property. Homologues are synthesized by reacting p-n-alkoxy cinnamoyl chlorides with p-hydroxy β–benzoyl styrene. Totally twelve homologues are synthesized. Methyl to pentyl homologues are nonmesomorphic while, hexyl to octyl, decyl, dodecyl, tetradecyl and hexadecyl homologues are only nematogenic without exhibition of any smectogenic character even in the monotropic condition. Transition temperatures of the homologues are determined from hot stage polarizing microscope. Solid-isotropic / nematic transition curve in a phase diagram follows a zigzag path of rising and falling and shows overall falling tendency as series is ascended in usual manner. Nematic-isotropic transition curve adopt a descending tendency as series is ascended and behaves in normal manner without showing up of odd-even effect. Melting temperatures are varied between 104.00C and 179.00C. Mesomorphic range and nematicisotropic thermal stability are 6.00C to 47.00C and 144.50C respectively. Analytical data support the structures of molecules. The texture of nematic mesophase is of threaded type as determined by miscibility method. Thus, series under investigation is entirely nematogenic with middle ordered melting type and short range of liquid crystallinity. Mesomorphic properties are compared with structurally similar other homologous series.

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