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Synthesis and study of new mesogens : p-(p’-n-Alkoxy benzoyloxy)ter- butyl benzoates

Author(s): Patel B. K. and Chauhan M. L.

A homologous series with carboxy (-COO-) as central group and -COOC4H9(ter.) as terminal end group have been synthesized by treating p-p’-n-alkoxy benzoic acid with p-hydroxy ter-butyl Benzoate. Pentyl to Hexadecyl homologues of the series are mesomorphic in nature. First, fore members of the series are non-mesomorphic. Pentyl,Hexyl, Octyl,decyl, dodecyland tetradecyl derivatives are enantiotropically nematogenic. Smectogenic character is totally absent. Phase behavior of a phase diagram is normal for transition curves. Odd-even effect is observed for nematic-isotropic transition curve. Transition temperatures of the homologues are determined by an optical polarizing microscope, equipped with a heating stage. Analytical data supported the structures of molecules. Liquid crystal properties of the titled series are compared with structurally similar homologous series.Thermal stabilities and other mesogenic characteristics are compared with other structurally similar homologous series.Textures of the nematic phase are threaded or schlieren. Thermal stability for nematic is 190.57 C° and the degree of mesomorphism vary from 10.0 C° to 22.0 C° at the C5 and C10homologue respectively. It is a middle ordered melting type series, whose relative group efficiency order for nematic derived.

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