Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Synthesis and Study of Novel Homologous Series of Mesogens; α-4-[4’-n-Alkoxy Cinnamoyloxy] Benzoyl-β-3”-Nitro phenyl Ethylenes.

Author(s): Suthar D. M, Doshi A. V

Titled novel homologous series of mesogenic character viz. α-4-[4’-n-Alkoxy- Cinnamoyloxy] Benzoyl-β-3” Nitrophenyl ethylenes is synthesized and studied with a view to understand its liquid crystal (LC) properties. There are seven homologues from n-pentyl to n-hexadecyl derivatives of the series which are mesogenic. Rest of the homologues are nonmsogenic. n-pentyl to n-decyl homologues are polymesogenic, n- Dodecyl ,n-tetradecyl and n-hexadecyl derivatives of the series are only nematogenic without exhibition of smectic character. All mesogenic homologues are enantiotropically, smectogenic and/or nemetogenic. Transition and melting temperatures are observed on polarising microscope with heating stage. Phase diagram drawn on the basis of microscopic observations. The novel series is predominantly nematogenic and partly smectogenic with middle ordered melting type. Analytical data support the structures of molecules. Mesogenic properties of titled series are compared with structurally similar other homologous series.

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