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Synthesis, characterization and solvent effect on the optical properties of 2-semicarbazono-1-hydroxy, 1-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(4' methoxyphenyl) ethanol single crystal

Author(s): B. Thanuja, G. K. Ayyadurai and Charles C. Kanagam

2-semicarbazono-1-hydroxy, 1-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(4'-methoxyphenyl) ethanol (abbreviated as 2C4MBS) with chemical formula C16 H16 Cl N3 O3 was synthesized and a new organic crystal was grown by slow evaporation technique. Single crystal of 2C4MBS had been subjected to X-ray diffraction analysis to estimate the lattice parameters and the space group. The qualitative analysis on the compound was carried out using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) measurements. The structure was confirmed by FTIR, Mass spectra, proton and carbon nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectral analyses. Transmission of the compound in the visible and u.v, region was investigated using UV–vis spectroscopy. The thermal stability of the crystal was determined by TG-DTA analysis. The non-linear optical absorption (NOA) properties in the solution state were investigated by the Z-scan technique. 2C4MBS compound exhibited reverse saturable absorption (RSA) under nanosecond pulse irradiation.

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