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Synthesis, characterization and tubulin-interaction profile of substituted cinnamoyl urea derivatives

Author(s): Rakhi Chaudhary*, Shuaib 1 , S. Riaz Hashim 2 and Prem Shankar Mishra 3

Substituted cinnamoyl ureas have been identified as novel compounds with their various biological acti vities. The novel cinnamoyl ureas were synthesized successfully by various substitutions, at the various position, which further were evaluated for their tubulin inhibitor activity .Thus in this research work, we aimed to use all th ese active moieties with urea and phenyl urea substitutions at carbonyl moiety. Molecular docking study was used for confirming their interaction with tubulin protein t aking MSE137, ACO 201 and MSE148 as tubulin molecu le for their antitumor activity. Through molecular docking study, the result showed that all the synthesized compounds act by inhibiting cell mitosis by binding to the protei n tubulin in the mitotic spindle and preventing pol ymerization or depolymerization into the microtubules . Among the synthesized compounds 3a,3b, 3d showed higher no of interaction with amino acids of tubulin molecule , thus they were considered as good antitumor agents.

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