Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Synthesis of a novel liquid crystalline ethylene derivatives of a series: α-4-[4’-n-alkoxy benzoyloxy ] phenyl-β-3”-nitro benzoyl ethylenes

Author(s): Chaudhari R. P., Doshi A.V.

Titled homologous series is predominantly mesogenic and partly nonmesogenic. Ethoxy to hexadecyloxy homologues are mesogenic while only methoxy derivative of a series is nonmesogenic. Ethoxy to butyloxy and hexadecyloxy homologues are only nematogenic while rest of the mesogenic homologues exhibit smectogenic character in addition to nematogenic character.Odd-even effect and alternation of transition temperature observed for nematic -isotropic transition curve and solid-isotropic or smectic-nematic transition curve in a phase diagram. Transition temperatures and other liquid crystal properties were observed through a hot stage polarizing microscope. Analytical data support the molecular structures of homologues. Textures of nematogenic homologues are threaded or schilieren and that of smectic phase are focal conic fan shaped of smectic-A type.Smectic and nematic thermal stabilities are 121.20C and 160.00C respectively. Liquid crystal properties of the series are compared with a structurally similar homologous series.

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