Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Synthesis of New Class Furochromenethylthiourea Compounds derived from Formylfurochromone Compound

Author(s): N.M. Fawzy, S. A.Swelam

Treatment of formylfurochromone 1 with nitro methane to form nitro-furochromenethyl derivative 2 followed by reduction to give amino-furochromone derivative 3 which used as key intermediates for the synthesis of furochromenethylthiourea derivatives 10a,b and 13a-d at reaction aminofurochromone derivative 3 with each of imidazolecarbothioamide 4a,b derivatives, isothiocyanates derivatives 7, thiocarbonyl reagent 8, isocyanate/ isothiocyanates 12a-d. Thiourea compounds 11a-c was formed at the reaction of the isothiocyanates 5 with different amines. In addition, the condensation of furochromenethyl isothiocyanates 5 with amino pyridine 6a, b was afforded the compounds 10a, b. Also reaction of compound 3 with potassium cyanate 14 lead to semicarbazide derivative 15.

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