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Synthesis of oxcarbazepine by newer method

Author(s): Aziz-Ur-Rahman, Mohd Fareedullah, S. H. Rizwan

Epilepsy is one other most common ailment of man with a prevalence of approximately 1%. It is estimated that 50 millions person’s world wide may have this disorder. Although many are well controlled with available therapies, perhaps one quarter of the total continue to have seizures. Anticonvulsant drugs are the mainstay of epilepsy management and may have to be taken for life. In more than 20% of those affected, chronic in aractable (refraction) epilepsy develops. This necessitates the use of combination therapy. But the use of these drugs in combination is plagued by cognitive impairment and drug interactions with the results that only about 10% of the patients with refractory epilepsy seem to benefit substantially from polypharmacy. Thus the new viable antiepileptic molecules are urgently needed. In an effort to improve the tolerability profile of the carbamazepine without affecting its epileptic potency, the keto analogue oxcarbazepine was developed. Oxacarbazepine has developed its efficacy and its improved safety profile and is now considered as epileptic drug of first choice. Some of the synthetic routes of oxcarbazepine described in the literature used costlier raw materials and the reported yield is less. Hence, an attempt was made to synthesize oxcarbazepine by modified route that reduces the costly raw materials, cost of production with high yield.

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