Der Pharma Chemica
Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


The antiviral (RNA & DNA) profile of some incomplet e C-nucleosides inspired from natural β - carboline (pyrido [3,4-b] indole) scaffold; pharmacology of the intermediates in the total synt hesis

Author(s): A. A. El-Shorbagi a,b,* , S. G. Abdel-Moty b , A. N. Ahmed b , H. Takayama c , M. Kitajima c , N. Aimi c and S. Sakai c

The in-vitro assessment of antiviral activity again st Flu-A, HIV, RS, HSV type-1, HSV type-2, and HCMV provided that β –carboline scaffold attach to alkyl substituted wit h oxo, oxy or polyoxy groups can be further develop ed as antiviral and/or anticancer agents. Screening of th e potential cytocidal properties using HL-200 and s everal other cell-lines was also done.

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