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The Effect of Ion Mn(II) in the Kidney and Liver and Protective Effect of Terminalia catappa pericarp Antidote in Rat Liver

Author(s): Sofian W., Edy F., Djong H. Tjong, Ety Y. and Rahmiana Z.

Manganese (Mn) is one of the trace elements that is required for human metabolisms and activity of several enzymes, but it also could induce toxic effect when its ingested in high amount. The present study was carried out to evaluate the protective effect of T.catappa pericarp antidote against MnCl2 induced renal toxicity and hepatotoxicity in experimental rats. Experimental rats were administered orally of T.catappa pericarp antidote 5 mL x b.w/200 g b.w against the renal toxicity and hepatotoxicity induced by administration of MnCl2 1000 mg/L. Efficacy of T.catappa pericarp antidote against the renal toxicity and hepatotoxicity was evaluated by evaluating the biochemical serum parameters and histopathological changes. The treatment with MnCl2 1000 mg/L induced apoptotic and necrotic cells in liver. Pre treatment with T.catappapericarp antidote could reduce significantly the levels of malondialdehyde, urea, creatinine, SGOT and SGPT as 30,33%, 66,03%, 48,83%, 50,62% and 49,01% respectively compared to MnCl2 treatment group. Pre treatment with T.catappa pericarp antidote also prevented the deteriorative effect induced by MnCl2 through protective mechanisms of ROS scavenging and metal chelating.

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