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The Effects of Amino Acids that contained in Fermented Soybeans Against Blood Glucose and Histopathologic Overview Pancreatic β Cells of Mice White

Author(s): Dharma S, Almasdy D, Dillasamola and Irene Puspa Dewi

A study about to what extent of the effect of giving fitoesterogen contained in soybean flour obtained from soybeans fermented bean to the improvement of pancreatic β cells. Before the treatment, mice’s pancreas induced by alloxan compound. After the sample selection, mice that have been given treatment by providing tempeh flour with 3 variations doses are 40 mg; 55; 75; 105; 145 and 200 mg / 20 g BW. The mice were divided into 8 groups, group 1 is a group of negative control without being offered anything, group 2 is positive control, group of diabetic mice without being offered treatment, group 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are given group tempeh flour with 6 dose variation. As the parameters of this study was to measure the blood glucose levels of mice on day 7th of observation; 14th and 21st. The methods used enzymatic method by using "Gluco DR". Group of mice that given tempeh flour, observed dose that can provide a decrease in blood glucose levels optimally. Significant at p<0.05. Selected animal groups do dislocation of the neck, pancreatic tissue taken and then preserved using formalin. Histopathologic examination and pancreatic tissue was observed qualitatively. The results showed dose administration of 200 mg / 20g BW can lower blood glucose levels compared with the positive and negative control group and showed clear improvement tissue in the group with a dose of 200 mg / 20 g BW.

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