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The Effects of Cr(VI) in the kidney of experimental rats and utilization of longanpeel fruit (Dimocarpuslongan) as renal protector in dentistry

Author(s): Florenly, Edy Fachrial, 3Hermansyah Aziz, Syafrizayanti and Rahmiana Zein

The present study investigated the effect of Cr(VI) in the kidneys of experimental rats and the protective effect of Dimocarpuslongan peel fruit as renal protector. Administration of 1 mLCr(VI) 1000 mg/L in experimental rats intraperitoneally increased all the biochemical parameters that were observed, including: MDA, urea, creatinine, SGOT and SGPT. Histologically, administration of Cr(VI) leads to swelling of tubule and severe necrosis in kidney. Pre-treatment with D.longan peel fruit antidote reduced the levels of biochemical parameters and oxidative stress parameters. The decreased levels of MDA, urea, creatinine, SGOT and SGPT were 51, 74%; 30,26%; 31,37%; 26,74% and 67,19% respectively. The pre-treatment with D.longan peel fruit also reduced the damage in kidney tissue, although there was still swelling in the tubules.

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