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The role of dual spin echo in increasing resolution in diffusion weighted imaging of brain

Author(s): Ehab A. Hegazy, Sabry A. El-Mogy, Maysa Ismail Abd El-Hameed and Mohamed M. Zaki

The purpose of this study was to increase resolution in DWI of brain by using dual spin echo technique. The study was done on 6patients, they were subject to routine brain MRI examination for different symptoms, the study include patient with normal brain study, post-operative patient and pediatric patient, examination was done on 1.5 T scanner. dual spin echo technique can be used with EPI-DWI to increase resolution as it can reduce blurring of the images and increase contrast between different anatomies tissues (white and gray matter) and between normal and injury tissues, which obtaining a more accurate diagnostic of the studied anatomy. Dual spin echo techniques can be used with EPI-DWI data acquisition to increase resolution.

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