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Thin layer chromatography (TLC) and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) profiling and phytochemical analysis of Euphorbia hirta, Gliricidia sepium and Moringa oleifera methanol extracts

Author(s): Paolo Robert Bueno, Michael Russelle Alvarez, Raymond Oliver Cruz, Richard Macapulay, Francis Jayson Vallesfin and Francisco Heralde III

number of medicinal plants were studied for their phytochemical properties as possible chemotaxonomic markers. The present study aims to screen and quantify Euphorbia hirta, Moringa oleifera and Gliricidia sepium leaf methanol extracts for phytochemical content, as well as produce TLC and HPLC profiles for standardization. TLC was carried out in silica gel plates using hexane: ethyl acetate: acetic acid (2:2:1) solvent system and then visualized under UV light and after sulfuric acid staining. HPLC was carried out using a C18 column and methanol: water: o-phosphoric acid (20:79.9:0.1) solvent system and detected by 210 nm UV-Vis spectroscopy. Phytochemical screening of the extracts showed the presence of tannins, flavonoids and phenols in all extracts, in addition to alkaloids and anthraquinones found only in E. hirta. Quantification of total alkaloids, flavonoids and phenolics showed that E. hirta had the highest alkaloid content (22.88±0.382 mg reserpine equivalents/g extract), phenolics content (682.8±7.26 mg gallic acid equivalents/g extract) and flavonoids content (229.4±8.61 mg quercetin equivalents/g extract). Moreover, TLC profiles showed 4 bands in the E. hirta extract, 2 bands in M. oleifera and 3 bands in the G. sepium extract. HPLC profiles showed two peaks in the E. hirta extract, 2 in the G. sepium extract and 3 in the M. oleifera extract. The data presented here could be used for the standardization of methanol extracts of these plants, either for future studies or in herbal drug formulations.

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