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Journal for Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Computational Chemistry


Toxic effects of different-sized zeolite-containing minerals from Kholinsky and Vanginsky deposits (Russia)

Author(s): Sergievich A. A, Chaika V. V, Batalova T. A., Khoroshikh P. P., Panichev A. M,Seryodkin I. V., Cheremkin M. I, Kirichenko K. Yu, Kodintsev V. V, Gafurov U. S,Salanin D. A, Artemenko A. F and Golokhvast K.

This paper presents the results of study of histomorphologic (at the organ and cellular levels) and behavioral characteristics in rats under the influence of different-sized zeolite-containing tuffs from theVanginsky and Kholinsky deposits. It was showed that nano- and microforms possess the toxic properties and have the pathomorphological and pathophysiological effects. The tissue structure of the cerebral cortex visually doesn’t change under the impact of any zeolite forms. The meso-forms of minerals demonstrates the benefits at the behavioral level (especially in rats belonging to the second behavioral type). Due to the physicochemical peculiarities the tuff from the Vanginsky deposit possesses the more evident positive biological effects in comparison with the Kholinskyy one.

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