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Utilization of MMT Clay and MMT-Chitosan for Platinol Drug Delivery

Author(s): Nadia H Elsayed, Marzough A Albalawi, Mohamed WS

MMT clay is naturally layered silicates, which is used to delay, and/or target drug release or even to improve drug dissolution. In this study, MMT clay was successfully modified with two types of modifiers, which are platinol drug and chitosan (CS) under different temperatures using different chitosan/MMT ratios in different modification time intervals to produce Platinol-MMT and Cs-MMT-Platinol hybrids. XRD and SEM. characterized the modified clay. The characterization via XRD demonstrate that, Modification of MMT clay with chitosan showed biggest interlayer spacing of 9.23 nm when using CS/MMT ratio of 2:1 at 60ºC for an hour. The loading efficiency of plationl by modified MMT with CS was reached to about 28% using 0.15 g initial drug weight in 1 h under 60ºC. Drug release was studied for both MMT-Platinol and Cs/MMT-Platinol hybrids and it was found that the release was directly proportional with the pH of the medium and reached to 100% after 12 h in case of releasing from Cs/MMT-Platinol hybrids using simulated intestinal fluid (pH 7.4).

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