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A green chemistry approach to gewald reaction

Author(s): Lakshmeesha S. Channagiria and Venugopala K. R. Reddy

The Gewald Reaction is a synthesis of 2-aminothiophenes via a multi-component condensation between sulfur, an α- methylene carbonyl compound and an α-cyanoester. Green chemistry encourages the design of synthetic processes that minimize the use and generation of hazardous substances. The application of microwave assisted organic synthesis to conduct Gewald reaction has been demonstrated by the microwave assisted transformation of ethylcyanoacetate, cyclohexanone, anisidines and sulphur into 2-Amino-3-o/p-anisidyl-carboxamido-4,5,6,7- tetrahydro-benzo (b) thiophenes. The transformation has been confirmed by conventional synthesis.