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A Hepatoprotective Activity of Galium verum L. Extracts against Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Injury in Rats

Author(s): Olga V Goryacha, Tetyana V Ilyina, Ala M Kovalyova, Oleh M Koshovyi, Olena V Krivoruchko, Ina M Vladimirova, Andriy M Komisarenko

A hepatoprotective activity of the original polyphenolic phytosubstances derived from Galium verum herb (G. verum L.; Rubiaceae Juss. family), namely I and II dry extracts, was studied against carbon tetrachloride-induced acute hepatitis in rats. The hepatoprotective effect of I and II extracts at the dose of 25 mg/kg is characterized by a decreased activities of serum enzymes, with Serum Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) decreasing from 2.7-3.5 fold, Serum Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST) decreasing from 2.4-3.4 fold and ALP decreasing from 1.2-1.3 fold respectively; whereas the activity of cholinesterase increases from 1.3-1.4 fold respectively. The administration of the I extract induces a decrease in Thiobarbituric acid Reactive Substances (TBARS) levels 1.4 fold in the serum and 1.8 fold in the homogenate of the liver tissue. The administration of the II extract induces a decrease in TBARS levels 1.6 fold in the serum and 2.0 fold in the homogenate of the liver tissue against the control group. The biochemical parameters taken into account, the possible mechanism of the hepatoprotective activity of the extracts under study can be explained by a reduction in the hepatocytes cytolysis and an oxidative stress. The histopathological analysis of the liver material of the experimental group showed neither degenerative-dystrophic changes nor significant hemodynamic changes in comparison with the control group. The hepatoprotective effect of the II extract is more pronounced than that of the I extract and is comparable to the hepatoprotective activity of the reference drug Silibor.


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