A Mini-Review on the Recent Food Applications of Major Exudates | Abstract

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A Mini-Review on the Recent Food Applications of Major Exudates

Author(s): Arun Kumar Gupta, Vikas, Ekkta Kundu, Shubham Rohilla, Mudasir Bashir, Sundramoorthy Haripriya

Exudate gums play an important role in the day to day life application from food to non-food applications. Due to advancement in the technology and interest has been devoted to modifying the natural structure, development of new product, or enhancement of existing properties to achieve desired end quality. It also improves the eating quality, increases in the shelf life of food commodity beside its functional, pharmacological, nutraceutical properties. Gums are cheap, non-toxic, easily biodegradable and abundant availability quenches the thrust among the scientist. However, animal and microbial gum are also served better food application but in some instance are least accepted by the consumer. Plant gum being polysaccharide and hydrocolloids, it offers numerous commercial application in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and nonfood. This review summarizes recent food applications and their importance in food system of major exudates.

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