A Study on Wood Waste in Lahejan area in North of Iran | Abstract

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A Study on Wood Waste in Lahejan area in North of Iran

Author(s): Jahangir Payamara

Lahejan is a city in north of Iran (36°, 34¢, 38°, 27¢ N) with area 58403 km2, farming area 43690.5 hectare, forest 6198 hectare and verdant fields 40 hectare. Wood waste generated from them in this city is more than 100 tons per day which can cause of environment problem in future. The alternative technique for utilization of wood waste is the carbonized product, which are charcoal and wood vinegar. The properties of charcoal are fixed carbon, ash, heat content, volatile matter, moisture content, and sulfur content. The major component of wood vinegar products are acetic acid, methanol, propanoic acid, phenolic and carbonyl compounds. The bio-test of wood vinegar to inhibit the growth of xanthomonas comprestris pv. The acidity ranged from 1.95 to 2.1. The major component in wood vinegar was observed to be acetic acid. The carbonization of wood waste can inhibit cancer diseases


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