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Ability of Potassium Factor in Phyllanthus niruri Infuse for Calcium Salt Solubility in Kidney Stones by Ex Vivo

Author(s): Tuty Roida Pardede, Muchlisyam, Wongso F

Phyllanthus niruri has large potassium content, this plant is used as a kidney stone crushers. The purpose of this study was to observe the ability of potassium in phyllanthus niruri infuse to assay the solubility of calcium kidney stones. Methodology of research conducted in form of dissolving kidney stones intact in phyllanthus niruri infuse before and after destruction and both measured with atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The results of research was exhibited that potassium factor has been increase intake calcium levels in kidney stones with treatment before and after destruction of phyllanthus niruri with various concentrations, The calcium content in the kidney stones after being given the 2% infuse phyllanthus niruri and after destruction of 2% phyllanthus niruri each grading 25.41% and 43.78%; phyllanthus niruri and after destruction of 4% phyllanthus niruri each grading 24.56% and 34.26%; and 10% the phyllanthus niruri infusion and after destruction of 10% phyllanthus niruri each grading 7.76% and 16.61%. This means the content of potassium in the phyllanthus niruri have a major role in the reduction in calcium content of kidney stones. The methods that was used had a good accuracy and precision with recovery test was 116.54% and relative standard deviation was 1.22%. The concluded that potassium factor in phyllanthus niruri has a major role in the dissolution of calcium in the kidney stones can be seen in terms of calcium content of the infusion before and after destruction.