Adsorption of Zinc(II) ions from aqueous solution onto Kaolinite and Metakaolinite | Abstract

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Adsorption of Zinc(II) ions from aqueous solution onto Kaolinite and Metakaolinite

Author(s): G. Ndongo Kounou, J. Ndi Nsami, D. P. Belibi Belibi, D. Kouotou, G. M. Tagne1, D.D.Dina Joh and J. Ketcha Mbadcam

Kaolinite and metakaolinite obtained from clay soils from the South Western Region of Cameroon were used as adsorbents to study their adsorptive capacities on the removal of zinc(II) ions. The effects of pH (2.0 - 8.5), agitation time (5 - 120 min), adsorbent dose (0.05 - 1.10 g), initial concentration (0.1 - 1.8 mmol/L) were investigated. The experiments showed that the removal of zinc(II) ions depends on the pH, the initial concentration and the mass of the adsorbents. The maximum adsorption took place at pH = 8.5 for the two adsorbents. With the adsorbent mass of 0.05 g, the quantities adsorbed of 7.196 and 12.375 mg/g were recorded for kaolinite and metakaolinite respectively. According to the Dubinin-Radushkevich isotherm model, the adsorption isotherm of zinc(II) ions on the kaolinite was a physisorption process, whereas on the metakaolinite, the process was chemisorption. The kinetic studies showed that the adsorption of zinc(II) ions on the kaolinite and metakaolinite followed the pseudo-second order equation. The average energies of adsorption were of 12.90 KJ/mol and 707.11 KJ/mol which confirmed that physical and chemical adsorption processes controlled the zinc(II) ions uptake on the two adsorbents respectively.


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