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Adsorptive removal of cadmium from aqueous solution by Luffa Cylindrica: Equilibrium, dynamic and thermodynamic

Author(s): C. AD, M. Benalia, Y. Laidani, H. Elmsellem, F. Ben Saffedine, I. Nouacer, M. Djedid, B. El Mahi and B. Hammouti

The removal of toxic metal, cadmium, by using adsorption into Algerian Luffa Cylindrica, LC, was investigated. The biosorption process was studied with respect to contact time, particle size, pH and temperature. The results showed that equilibrium was reached within 1 h. The used biosorbent gave the highest adsorption capacity at pH 6. The experimental isotherm data were analysed and modelled. The maximum adsorption capacity, Langmuir’s qmax, improved from 5.46 to 7.29 mg/g as the temperature increased from 10 to 40 °C. The enthalpy ΔH0 and entropy ΔS0 values were respectively estimated at 33.92 kJ.mol-1 and 0.12 kJ mol-1.K1 for the process, which reflects the endothermic nature and the spontaneous feasibility of the present sorption system. Besides, the adsorption kinetics was found to follow the second-order model, as well as the micropore diffusion model described the Kinetic data well, suggesting therefore a possible physisorption process.