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AgI-ZnO: A novel plasmonic photocatalyst for decomp osition of mythylene blue dye

Author(s): Kurzekar R. R. 1 , Rahangdale P. K. 2* and Pande H. M. 3

A novel plasmonic photocatalyst, AgI-ZnO, has been prepared using precipitation followed by hydrolysis method. Its photocatalytic activities were studied for degradat ion rate of methylene blue (MB) dye with respect to time in visible and UV radiation. On the basis of results, it is co ncluded that visible irradiation is more efficient for the degradation of the dye as compared to UV radiation. Thus AgI impregnation can be demonstrated to be a proficient strategy to improve the photocatalytic performance of ZnO photocatalysts and such improved photocataly st can be successfully used for abatement of dye pollutants f rom polluted water. The newly synthesized catalyst was characterized by X-ray diffraction, TGA, EDX and S EM studies.