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Amperometric trace determination of rhodium(III) using thio-organic acid

Author(s): Rajni Arora, Ritu Langyan, Dayawati and S. P. Khatkar

Amperometric determination of Rh(III) was accomplished in 0.1M NH3 + 0.1M NH4Cl medium with TDPA at d.m.e. (dropping mercury electrode). Both cathodic and anodic titrations were carried out successfully. Metal species- TDPA stoichiometry obtained was 1:1. The lowest concentration estimated by amperometric titrations were 5.00 ppm and 9.00 ppm for cathodic and anodic titrations respectively with high degree of accuracy. Maximum error (± 2%) was encountered in case of most dilute solutions. Interference of different foreign ions has also been studied.