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An updated review on Bidens Pilosa L.

Author(s): Khemraj Bairwa, Rajeev Kumar, Ram Jee Sharma, Ram Kumar Roy

Herbal drugs from natural sources like plants are in used since the traditional system of medicine; they represent a precious reservoir of innovative bioactive molecules. Among them Bidens pilosa L is one of the important plant found in all tropical and subtropical region of the world. It is the herbaceous flowering plant, having white 'petals' around a intense bunch of orange florets, and it has been reported to possess effective pharmacological properties like Antibacterial activity, Anti-inflammatory and antiallergic activity, Antimalarial Activity, T helper cell modulator, Immunosuppressive antihyperglycemic, anti-hypertensive, antiulcerogenic, hepatoprotective, anti-leukemic, anticancer, antipyretic, anti-virus, anti-angiogenic, antirheumatic, antibiotic. The Bidens pilosa L. has various chemical constituents like polyacetylenes, Polyacetylenic glycosides, aurons, auron glycosides, p-coumeric acid derivatives, caffeoylquinic acid derivatives, pheophytins, diterpenes, tannins, phytosterols, ascorbic acid, carotene, essential oils, saponins, steroids and flavonoids and many others were recognized in this plant. In this review we provide an overview mainly on the pharmacognostic characteristics, conventional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacological actions of extracts or isolated compounds from Bidens pilosa L.