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Antibacterial and spectroscopic studies of biologically active macrocyclic complexes of divalent metal ions

Author(s): Kavita Sharma, Parveen, D. P. Singh and Rajan Chopra

The template methodology is frequently used for the synthesis of macrocyclic complexes as the metal ions are supposed to direct the stearic course of reaction towards the condensation reaction rather than polymerization. In continuation of our efforts ,we wish to report here the synthesis and characterization of macrocyclic complexes by template condensation reaction of Oxalyldihydrazide and Isatin resulting into the formation of the macrocyclic complexes of the type: [M(C20H14N10O4)X2]; where M=Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II) and X=Cl-, NO3 -, CH3COO-. The synthesized complexes have been characterized with the aid of elemental analysis, conductance measurements, magnetic susceptibility measurements, electronic, infrared, EPR and NMR spectral studies. The molar conductance measurements of the complexes in DMSO correspond to non electrolytes. On the basis of IR, Electronic and EPR spectral studies a distorted octahedral geometry has be assigned to these complexes. The complexes were also evaluated against the growth of bacteria in vitro.


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