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Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of essential oil extracted from Ranunculus arvensis L.

Author(s): Ahlam Hachelaf *1 , Ahmed Touil, Amar Zellagui 2 and Salah Rhouati

The most common use of Ranunculus species in tradit ional medicines are anti-rheumatism, intermittent f ever and rubefacient. The objective of this research was to formulate and evaluate anti-bacterial activity agai nst different bacterial strains, and his essential oil from Ranun culus arvensis L. Antioxidant activity of this esse ntial oil was determined by DPPH radical scavenging. An antibacte rial activity analysis was carried out using paper disk diffusion the essential oil of Ranunculus arvensis L displayed antibacterial activity against the test ed bacteria in the disk diffusion method. The data obtained in previou s studies indicate that the Ranunculus arvensis L h ave a significant antioxidant and antibacterial activitie s. Only few pharmacological activities have been st udied of these species. Most of studies up till now have concentra ted their attention on the antibacterial, antifunga l, Anti- inflammatory and analgesic of different extracts. T here is a lack of comprehensive isolation studies i ssued or comprehensive investigation of their pharmacologica l actions. Thus, we believe that the isolation of n ew active component from these species would be of huge scien tific value.