Antioxidant Flavone C-Glycoside from Epipremnopsis media (ZandM). Engl Plant (Araceae) | Abstract

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Antioxidant Flavone C-Glycoside from Epipremnopsis media (Z&M). Engl Plant (Araceae)

Author(s): Yohannes Alen, Delly Marteka, Deddi Prima Putra, Akmal Djamaan and Shuhei Nakajima

The bioassay guided fractionation of methanolic extract from Epipremnopsis media leaves led to the isolation of flavone C-glycoside which Diphenylpicrylhidrazil (DPPH) free radical for antioxidant activity Assay. The flavone C-glycoside was identified as apigenin-8-C-β-D-glucopyranoside, more commonly known as vitexin. The hydrolyzed of the compound yielded isovitexin as its isomer. These structures were elucidated by means of UV, IR, NMR spectroscopic analyses and chemical evidence. In DPPH assays for antioxidant activity showed percentage of inhibition to be 60 % at 100 mg/ml concentration, respectively.


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