Der Pharma Chemica
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Application of CornCobs Hemcellulose Microparticle Carrier With Insulin as a Model

Author(s): Muchlisyam and Sumaiyah

Hemicelluoseis a biodegradable polymers in colon because bacteria of human colon degrades them and thus make potentially useful in colon targeted drug delivery systems, these polymer are hydrophilic and hydrogel in nature and have limited swelling characteristic in acidic pH. The aims of this study to experiment of corn cobs hemicelluloses to used for microparticle carrier of solid oral dosage forms for colonic delivery of insulin. This research was conducted by preparation of insulin hemicellulose microparticles with varying concentrations of the 0.5%; 0.75% and 1% hemicellulose and 0.1% TPP and 30 IU insulin. Insulin hemicelluloses microparicles testing performed of the solubility in pH 2; pH 5; pH 7; pH7.5 and pH 8, as well as SEM and PSA testing. Results showed that insulin hemicelluloses microparticles having a particle size with an average of 12-17 μm and solubility obtained that these microparticles insoluble in pH 2; pH 5;slight soluble in pH 7 and soluble in pH 7.5 and pH 8. It can be concluded that the corn cob hemicellulose can be developed for raw material of microparticles drug that are absorbed in the colon.


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