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Assessment and Enhancement of Powdered and Activated Carbon Derived from Persea Nuts for Adsorptive Removal Dyes from Wastewaters

Author(s): Aziz El Kassimi, Abdelmajid Regti, MY Rachid Laamari, Mohammadine El Haddad

Powdered and activated carbon prepared from persea nuts are used as economical adsorbents for the rapid removal and fast adsorption of Basic Blue 9 dye from the aqueous solutions. The adsorption behaviors of dye onto powdered and activated carbon adsorbents were studied in batch experiments as a function of contact time, pH value, initial dye concentration and temperature. Adsorption data fitted better using the Langmuir isotherm, and the calculated maximum adsorption capacities were (79.36 mg/g) for activated carbon adsorbent and of (44.44 mg/g) for powdered adsorbent. The kinetic data were better described by pseudo-second order kinetic model. The analysis of the thermodynamic parameter, positive values of enthalpy energy indicated that the adsorption process of Basic Blue 9 (0.94 k.J/mol for powdered adsorbent and was of 9.34 k.J/mol using activated carbon adsorbent) onto both adsorbents was endothermic. The positive values of ΔS0 of (15.95 kJ/mol K for powdered adsorbent) and (66.43 kJ/mol K for activated carbon adsorbent) shows the increased disorder and randomness at the solid solution interface of BB9 with adsorbents. These results indicated that activated carbon prepared from persea species exhibited good adsorption ability and can be used as an attractive adsorbent for the removal of cationic dyes, especially Basic Blue 9.


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