Atmospheric corrosion study of metals in an urban environment | Abstract

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Atmospheric corrosion study of metals in an urban environment

Author(s): Parekh S P, Pandya A V and Kadiya H K

The present study concentrates on the atmospheric corrosion on metals after one year atmospheric exposure in urban environment. Monthly and Yearly Corrosion rate of Mild-steel (MS), Zinc and Aluminum as well as the Sulphation rate was determined during 2010-2012 under outdoor exposure in an urban environment at Ahmedabad (Dist. Ahmedabad) situated in Gujarat, India. Monthly corrosion rate vary from 93 to 787, 09 to 95 and 1.1 to 9.1 mg/ correspond to Mild Steel, Zinc and Aluminium respectively, whereas the Yearly corrosion rate vary from 1137 to 2438, 72 to 506 and 8.1 to 29.8 mg/ for Mild-steel, Zinc and Aluminium respectively. Monthly corrosion rate was found in the decreasing order: Mild steel < Zinc < Aluminium. Corrosion rate of these three metals was found more in rainy seasons than the rate of winter and summer season.


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