Bioelectricity production using algae in microbial fuel cell | Abstract

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Bioelectricity production using algae in microbial fuel cell

Author(s): Merina Paul Das

Biomass is a good choice of electricity and algae a re the most easily available source of biomass. It is a bioenergy technology with maximum efficiency with minimum cos t. This process is combining the biomass production with efficient conversion to electrical energy. In this study, pond water biomass was used in microbial fue l cell (MFC) to produce electricity. Different sets of electrodes w ere used to get highest amount of current. Among th em, zinc mesh (anode) with graphite sheet (cathode) showed signif icant results. Mixed and pure algae cultures were u sed in single chamber MFC, but mixed culture gave lower power out put than the pure one. Chlorella sp. as a pure cul ture showed maximum voltage output when compared to Spir ulina sp. in single chamber MFC.


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