Biological Evaluation In Vivo of Synthesis of Silicated Apatites | Abstract

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Biological Evaluation In Vivo of Synthesis of Silicated Apatites

Author(s): Labjar H, Faouzi F, Driouich A, Akhiyat I, Digua K, Rifki C, Chaair H

The incorporation of silicon into the apathetic structure gives significant results in terms of mechanical properties and the bioactive behavior. The Bioactivity promotes the reaction between the bone and the implant, leading to excellent osteointegration and assures then the success of the implant. The biological study was performed on adult dogs. The choice of the experiment focuses on the tibias because these latter represent interesting models for evaluating substances stimulating bone formation. The surgically created defects have been filled by our biomaterials and followed by clinical, radiological and histological studies. The follow-up period was determinated so as to be close to the bone healing time. Therefore, the duration of the experiment was 12 weeks. Different biological studies reveal the biocompatibility, bioactivity and osteoconduction phosphocalcic silicate apatites which are gradually resorbed and replaced by immature bone after three months post filling.


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