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Cancer Precision: An Overview

Author(s): Jiefeng Zhou, Hood MM, Chien-Tsai Liu, Yu-Ting Yeh

Cancer precision, universally talked as personalized healthcare is the methodology to health care on the specific individual basis. The leading benefit of cancer precision can be reflected as the more specific and target therapy. Whenever there is a mention of cancer precision it narrates with reviewing the initiation, advancement and genetics/heredities of an individual’s cancer in order to design a therapy which is chiefly related to the evidences. In other words, it can be compared to as simple as blood group matching, for blood transfusion the matched blood group is used and in the same way the therapy is matched to patient’s individual condition rather cancer subtype. The review article deals with different aspects and approaches of cancer precision treatments along with a brief explanation regarding study driver mutations and role of genomics and how a few personalized medications applications of the precision treatment based on individual gene difference.