Characterization and Modification of Pectin Extracted from Orange Peel | Abstract

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Characterization and Modification of Pectin Extracted from Orange Peel

Author(s): Jaya Maitra, Bhogendra Sharma and Seema

In the present study pectin was extracted from orange peel and its purification, modification and characterization was done. Pectin was extracted with an acid i.e. EDTA (ethylene diaminetetracetic acid) by using microwave method at 460W, for 15 min. and pH (2-3). Purification of pectin was done by using partial oxidation with iodine solution and modification of pectin was done by using base hydrolysis. Yield of extracted pectin, purified pectin and modified pectin were 34.02, 38.88, 83.33% respectively. Pectin was identified with the help of stiff gel test, test with iodine solution. Extracted pectin contains many phytochemicals which were identified chemically. The characterization of pectin was done through TLC data and FTIR analysis. The FTIR spectra of extracted pectin, purified pectin, modified pectin samples were determined using a computerized FTIR spectrometer in the range of 44000-400 cm-1 by KBr pellet technique. Three outstanding features of infrared spectra of of pectin band were at 1600- 1680 cm-1( for C=O ), 3700 cm-1 (for -O-H ) and 1000 cm-1 above ( for –C-O-R ).


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