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Chemical Bath Deposited Copper Tin Sulphide Thin Films in the Presence of Complexing Agent: EDX and SEM Analysis

Author(s): Ho SM

Copper tin sulphide thin films have been prepared using chemical bath deposition technique on soda glass substrate. In this work, the chemical bath contains different solutions such as copper sulfate, tin chloride, triethanolamine and sodium thiosulphate which could serve as a Cu2+, Sn2+, complexing agent and S2- ion, respectively for the deposition of thin films. The scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive analysis X-ray technique have been used to study morphology and composition of films. The results indicate that smaller grains could be obtained using lower concentration of sodium thiosulphate solution as shown in scanning electron microscopy analysis. In conclusion, the morphologies of films indicate a clear dependence on the solution concentration.