Chemical composition of the essential oil of Teucrium antiatlanticum (Lamiaceae) | Abstract

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Chemical composition of the essential oil of Teucrium antiatlanticum (Lamiaceae)

Author(s): Badr Kartaha, Hicham Harhar, Hanae Elmonfaloutia, Sa├â┬â├ć┬ĺ├â┬é├é┬»d Gharby, Dominiqu Guillaume and Zoubida Charrouf

The composition of the essential oil from the aerial part of Teucriumantiatlanticum (Maire) Sauvage&Vindt was determined by GC-MS. Thirty tree compounds accounting for 95.4% of the crude essential oil were identified. Sesquiterpenes (86.7%) were the predominant components with Germacrene-D (13.2%), δ-Cadinene (12.7%), α- Gurjunene (11.5%), and γ-Muurolene (8.0%) as the main constituents.


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