Chemical studies of metal pollutants on spectrophotometer of water in the rivers of Wardha District | Abstract

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Chemical studies of metal pollutants on spectrophotometer of water in the rivers of Wardha District

Author(s): Pawan B. Thakare, M. D. Chaudhary, P. V. Tekade

Dham and Wardha (flowing from north to south) are the major rivers of wardha district supplying drinking water and water for irrigation. Though some of metals like Cu, ,Fe,,Mn & Zn are essential as micronutrients for life processes in plants and microorganisms, they are proved detrimental beyond a certain limit. Therefore monitoring these metals is important for safety assessment of the environment and human health In this work, an attempt made to study the chemical properties of metal pollutants such as Copper, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, and Nickel in water in these river and to verify weather water is potable or not and its suitability for irrigation purpose & farming. The physiochemical parameters such as Colour, Odour, Taste, Temperature, pH, Electrical conductivity, Sulphates, Mghardness, Acidity, Bicarbonates alkalinity, Chlorides, Ca-hardness, Sodium, Potassium were also analyzed. The detection of metals was done spectrophotometrically (AAS). The studies revealed that, all the above parameters are well within permissible limits as per Indian standard specification. The water is totally harmless for human being & animals. It is also harmless for washing and irrigation. ______________________________________


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