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Cloning and protein characterization of chloroplast ribosome rps4 from Capparis spinosa

Author(s): Faten Z. Mohamed, Mai A. Abdulla, Hala M.EL-atroshy, Magdy M. Mohamed

Capparis spinosa is arangland plant species that growing in the Egypt’s desert. It is one of the most important species in family cappariecia. It is one of established pharmaceutical and medicinal plants. A complete coding sequence of 606bp chloroplast ribosomal protein 4s (rps4) gene of Capparis spinosa was amplified, sequenced, cloned, and expressed. The isolated gene showed a maximum identity with Capparis flexuosa ribosomal protein S4 (rps4; 98%) gene and 96% with Nasturtium officinale ribosomal protein S4 (rps4) gene. The information of ORF of this gene was found to be a new gene encodes a 201 amino acids protein fragment with a calculated molecular mass of about 22 kDa.