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Conversion of Polyacrylonitrile to Poly amidoxime and Substitution with Maleic Anhydride, Itaconic Acid, Methyl Nadic Anhydride and Acetylchlorid

Author(s): Firyal Mohammed Ali Alsalami, Ahlam Fraih AL-Shihani, Wessal M Khamis

The aim of this research is to modified and graft poly acrylonitrile to poly amidoxime [A1] for dental fillers, because some of the prepared graft co polymers can be molded to a solid, such as maleicanhydride, itaconic acid, methyl nadic anhydride, acetylchloride. New properties of the substrate of useful derivatives as material were formed through chemical reactions. Due to their structural diversity and stability, onto backbone of polymers. The prepared polymers were characterized by Fourier Transforms Infra-Red (FTIR) spectroscopy and thermal analysis were considered. It was found the prepared graft co polymers can be changed to a white solid, to be suitable for dental fillers, which gave high thermal resistance with more stabilities, rhe degree of swelling was convenience for dental applications.