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Corrosion performance by epoxy zinc -rich coating containing 4,4′-ethylene bis (N, N diglycidylaniline) on copper substrate

Author(s): O. Dagdag, M. Rafik, S. E. Hegazi, A. Essamri, M. Ebn Touhami, M. El Gouri1, M. Assouag and A. El Harfi

In this work, we studied the impact of copper coatings by epoxy resin 4, 4′- Ethylene bis (N, N diglycidylaniline) whose thickness of the deposited film on the substrate is estimated at 170 ± 10 μm. To evaluate this impact of coating, we used the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and scanning electronic microscopy (SEM) were used in this study. The experimental results obtained by the EIS method of copper gave the polarization resistance (Rp) equal to 15240 Ω.cm². This shows that the effect of the coating of copper investigated by the resin is more effective in 3 % NaCl compared to the uncoated one in 3 % NaCl. Subsequently, we have studied the impact of coated copper with a formulation of conducted a new formulation by adding of inorganic filler in the matrix of protection 4, 4′- Ethylene bis (N, N diglycidylaniline) in the presence of 5% of zinc leads us to an experimental value Rp = 44240 Ω.cm². The effectiveness is equal to 97% in 3 % NaCl