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Corrosion resistance of electrochemical copper coat ing realized in the presence of essential oils

Author(s): K. Dahmani 1 , M. Galai 1* , A. Elhasnaoui 3 , B.Temmar 2 , A. El Hessni 3 and M. Cherkaoui 1

Copper coating was developed electrolytically on in terconnections in technology used in wafer level pa ckaging. These coatings are adherent and uniforms, the depos ition rate reached 23 μ m/h. The quality of the depo sits was improved by the addition of a cinnamon extract in t he plating bath. The morphology of the coatings was evaluated by scanning electron microscopy. The anti-corrosion properties of copper coatings in the absence and p resence of different cinnamon extract concentrations were stud ied in a 3% NaCl solution using the potentiodynamic polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscop y (EIS) and scanning electron microscope (SEM). The result showed that the presence of 150 ppm cinnamon improv es the corrosion resistance of the copper substrate